Sarguru ‘0’ Bikshu taught the art of Patanjali Maharishi’s Raja yoga or Ashtanga yoga, that is Yogasana/ Pranayama/ Transcendental meditation etc., to thousands of people and paved way for their euphoric lives. Since his early age, the President of this institution, Raja Yogi N.Devarajan (a) ‘0’ Bikshu involved himself in the inquiry of “Who am I? How does God reside in the human body? How can we reach God? Always meditating on the soul, he realized himself and attained immortal bliss. Through his inner spiritual strength, he removed the miseries of people and bestowed them with tranquility.

He had stomach pain earlier in school days. One of the Paristor taught him some simple yogasans. He practiced the same and comeout of all his illness. Hence he got obsessed with Yoga Art.

He was a yogi who carried out his duty as a householder all through his life. He was an ardent devotee of Sri Patanjali Maharishi. He was an incarnated soul. He practiced Sri Patanjali Maharishi’s Ashtanga Yoga for more than 60 years.

He had served several saints and obtained their divine grace. In particular, he associated himself with Sri Ramana Maharishi / Sri Gnananandhagiri / Kanchengadu Sri Swami Ramdas / Guru Maharaj Swami Sivananda / Spiritual Guru Srirangam Sri-La-Sri Muthukrishna Paramahamsar / Vallanaattu Sadhu Chidambara Swami / Vaalamarkottai Sri-La-Sri Kaathaiya Swami / Swami Prem Bikshu and obtained their blessings.

Our guru’s original name was Rajayogi N.Devarajan. Our guru learnt Ashtanga Yoga by serving as a disciple of Sri la Sri Muthukrishna Paramahamsar. Before attaining Samadhi, Sri Muthukrishna Paramahamsar granted a title to each of his disciples. He named our Guru as ‘0’ (Zero). The reason he offered was “You are at a very higher plane in meditation. The strength of your soul is immeasurable. Worshipping you once will make a person 1‘0’ times greater; worshipping twice will make people 100 times better; worshipping thrice makes them 1000 times blessed and flourish progressively. Let you be ‘0’ (Zero) for the elevation of mankind.”


Later our Guru had begun Sri Patanjali Maharishi Yoga Ashram in 1986. “I beg every individual to learn this venerable art of Ashtanga Yoga through this ashram for leading a healthy, peaceful and blissful life,” says our guru. Therefore he added the term ‘Bikshu’ (Bikshai means to beg or to offer) to his name ‘0’ (Zero) and was thereafter called ‘0 Bikshu’. The biggest offering that could be made to our guru is to worship him, learn ashtanga yoga and practice it strenuously everyday.

‘0’ Bikshu Almighty:

Through his spiritual strength, he made and is making several marvels to happen.

Power of Meditation:

Upon continuous meditation on the eternal self in his heart, our guru also served his earthly duties appropriately. Even a mob of soldiers will be frightened at the sight of a snake. However, once when our guru was sitting in meditation before a snake heap in a place called Palani, a serpent (Sri Patanjali) peeped out of the heap of sand. It surrounded our guru’s body and raised its hood on his head. The serpent blessed our guru and went back to its dwelling. Long after this incident only, our guru concluded his meditation. This incident portrays our guru’s greatness and his deep devotion to Sri Patanjali Maharishi. Sri Patanjali has the serpent form (Adi Sesha).


Shri Patanjali Maharishi is the thousand headed Adi Sesha. It is on Shri Patanjali that Lord Vishnu rests. Patanjali indwells as an ornament (snake form) in Lord Shiva.


Our guru had taught Sri Patanjali Maharishi’s Ashtanga Yoga to several thousands of people and had cured their diseases. He had resolved the woes of many families and had been their beacon light.


Sarguru ‘0’ Bikshu had dedicated his heart and soul for educating the world on Sri Patanjali Maharishi’s yoga. Our guru had met several saints and seers, discussed and sought explanations in relation to yoga, served them and obtained their blessings. Nevertheless, he was extremely humble.


Believe and chant his mantra ‘Om Sarkuru Zero Bikshu Saranam’ and attain his blessings.


He Also teaches;
Create Path
Have vision
Pray all the time
You will see enlighten
Get Happiness.


Creating Path is just the beginning. But one has to decide, whether he should choose, Bakthi Yoga? Karma Yoga? Gnana Yoga?

Choose one, and then follow it continuously. Not for a single day. Throughout life time. Then get rid of sorrows. Matured thoughts.


Success in Devotion:

Always remember a vital point. To climb up the spiritual ladder, stick to one Guru, one Place and one Sadhana (practice). It is difficult to progress if you change your Guru and Sadhana each day


In today’s modern world, human community has to confront a variety of diseases. Doctors continue to invent numerous medicines and new kinds of diseases with different nomenclatures day by day affecting the humanity at large. Can we not live healthy without any diseases? How many new medicines with high cost? People still using costly medicines and getting illness.


Sarguru ‘0’ Bikshu has understood the issues faced by common man and has invented two medicines which are free of cost. These medicine cures illness and gives peaceful and prosperity. People don’t have to spend for this medicine. In fact they themselves have that.


The medicine for Body is Hard work (Yogasana)


The medicine for Mind is Good Thinking (Meditation)


If a person would like to live healthy, the inner organs of the body should be Healthy. This is possible only when a person practices Yoga on a daily basis.

Positive thinking strengthens our mind which is possible through Daily Meditation.

Hence medicine for Body (Yoga) and Medicine for Mind (Meditation) makes our life Healthy and Prosperous.

He practiced Sri Patanjali Maharishi’s Ashtanga Yoga for more than 60 years. He simplified it so that every human can follow.

Give importance to the kids and teach meditation to them on a daily basis.


Universal Prayer By Sarguru Zero Bikshu

‘O’ God, Bless Us
All in the World
Peace, Happiness,

This Prayer is apart from Religious & Caste.